Amino Acids and Protein Constructors for Body and Height Growth

Many body builders are concerned only about a speed of their muscle toning. Some of them have never bothered to learn more: what and when they need to eat in order to make their muscle goals tangible, for example. Or, that they can even grow taller simply practicing body building.
One of the biggest misconceptions about body building is that it is only strength training. But body building could be, and actually it is, along with the stretching exercises one of the ways to grow taller – if done correctly.
Nutrition has a very important part in that process. And the core of that nutrition side is to provide out bodies with all necessary amino acids.
Why amino acids?
Amino acids have the most important roles in building proteins and managing metabolism. In other words, amino acids are the chemical units that significantly participate in the making up of our muscles, tendons, glands, organs…anything where proteins count the most. Furthermore, they are essential for growth and maintenance of cells in our bodies. In brief, amino acids control practically all cellular processes.
In general, we have two sets of amino acids – essential amino acids, coming from food, and nonessential amino acids, coming from other sources.
Our body can produce only 10 of 20 vital amino acids – the rest comes from food or supplements. If we miss only one of those 10 essential amino acids that our body doesn't produce, it could lead to a break of amino acid chain and protein degradation. That means a problem with muscles and other organs dependant on proteins.
Morale of the story is – we have to take amino acids every day.
The most important among essential amino acids for human growth are: histidine, vital for the growth and repair of tissues, isoleucine, most valuable for muscle tissue, skin and bone repair, and leucine, aid in increasing growth hormone production.
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